Ad Blockers

Our site is housed on the Class Creator servers and is free to us. As a result, Class Creator allows ads on the pages to generate revenue, it's a very common internet business practice. The problem is it clutters up the pages, and more importantly, the ads can be malicious if clicked on. The ones that say "Download", often in green lettering, come to mind.

They can look legit, and like something that might be okay to click/install, but in reality they are often malware. Malware varies in severity, ranging from merely pesky and annoying, like pop-up ad generators, to very dangerous to your device's functionality and your privacy. Some steal your personal information such as banking, credit cards, social security number and the like. It's stuff you don't want to inadvertently put on your device(s).

The best way to view the site is by adding an ad blocker plugin to your browser on a pc, or ad blocking app to your phone/tablet. If you aren't seeing the ads on the the home page, besides the Class Creator banner when logged in to the site, you already have one. If you do see them, in all likelihood you don't. You're most likely using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple's Safari. You may be using more than one. There are various ad blocking browser plugins, apps and softwares out there, so I'm including a link to the results of a Google search for "what is the best free ad blocker?" for those who may want to research it further.

The links below will open in a new tab or window:

Google Ad Blocker Search Results

Adblock Plus is highly recommended. It's free and works well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and is also working well on my iPhone. The difference between viewing the home page with and without it is night and day. It's very easy to install, and once you have, you're good to go. It has customizable settings in case there are specific pages or entire domains you want to allow ads for, or if a site informs you that you need to disable it for the site to work properly.

If you'd like to install it now, click the logo below from whichever browser you need it for and follow the simple instructions. If you want it for your phone or tablet, it's available for iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play. They have an app and a full browser available.